The Visionary

Sergeant First Class Brian “Mayor” Keaton, Sr. experienced the shock of a Traumatic Brain Injury as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after his last tour of duty in Iraq. He ended up in Walter Reed Medical Center after experiencing seizures and many other problems that come with TBI and PTSD. His children were suddenly uprooted from the comfort of their school, and his wife struggled to homeschool them, while at the same time helping take care of her husband. Brian faced the reality that he would have to retire from the military. He determined to do something with the rest of his life that would help the children of military parents handle the educational challenges that come with military life. Brian is passionate about his country and the Judeo-Christian foundation our nation was built on. When he started thinking about how he could best help the children of military parents, he chose to partner with Renewanation because of their emphasis on education that promotes Judeo-Christian values.

Brian would love to hear from you. Contact him here.