Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mayor’s Military Kids (MMK)?

MMK is a student scholarship program and ministry of Renewanation serving children of active duty military and wounded warriors.

Who can apply for MMK scholarships?

Any active duty military or wounded warrior may apply.

On what basis are scholarship funds awarded?

Scholarships are awarded based on need and available funding.

How is need assessed?

Need is determined by two primary factors:
1. Circumstances including but not necessarily limited to displacement, trauma, and negative educational conditions.
2. Financial capacity of the family.

What is the process once an application for scholarship is submitted?

1. The applicant will be contacted for a preliminary application review and needs assessment to gain basic understanding of the educational challenges, goals and possibilities, and the financial capacity of the family.

2. The assessed application will be processed by the Mayor’s Military Kids scholarship reviewing committee.

3. The applicant will be contacted and informed of the decision of the committee or to answer further questions the committee may have.

4. If application is approved for funding, work begins with applicant to enroll the student in a pre-qualified school, online program or homeschool program based on the educational need and school/program’s eligibility to receive scholarship funds.

How long does it take to get a response once an application is submitted?

Applicants will receive an immediate electronic acknowledgement of the application submission. Following that, the applicant can expect to be contacted within 30 days for a preliminary application review and assessment (See #1 under FAQ “What is the process once an application for scholarship is submitted”). The actual time for final approval will vary depending on the case, the volume of applications being processed and available funding.

Is money awarded directly to military families?

Money is not awarded directly to families. Once a student is approved for a scholarship and agreement is established on the educational provider for the child, funding is disbursed directly to the provider.

NOTE: Exception may be made in cases where homeschooling is the best option for the child and the parent is determined to be the primary provider. In such cases, agreed upon curriculum materials will be purchased by MMK. Any compensation for teaching will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Is the scholarship award paid directly to schools?

Yes. Once the educational provider is determined and an applicant has been accepted for enrollment, Mayor’s Military Kids communicates with the provider and arranges for disbursement of funds.

How is my donation used to provide education to children of active military or wounded warriors?

Donations made to Mayor’s Military Kids become the funding base from which scholarships to military families are paid.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Your gift is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Who handles money donated to Mayor’s Military Kids?

All donations made to Mayor’s Military Kids are received, managed, distributed, and receipted by Renewanation.

What is Renewanation?

Renewanation is a 501c3 nonprofit public charity organization with the vision to see culture transformed by offering millions of children a Christian worldview. The organization’s mission is to promote Christian worldview education by supporting and expanding Christian schools, homeschools, and ministries reaching students in non-Christian schools.

What is the relationship between Mayor’s Military Kids and Renewanation?

Mayor’s Military Kids is a student scholarship program and ministry of Renewanation serving children of active duty military and wounded warriors.

What kind of education is provided by Mayor’s Military Kids?

Mayor’s Military Kids provides quality education that supports a Judeo-Christian worldview. The delivery model may be traditional, online or homeschool, whichever is determined to best meet the need of the child and family.