About Us


Brian Keaton family - Crop

Mayor’s Military Kids was founded by Sergeant First Class Brian “Mayor” Keaton, Sr. in partnership with Renewanation. Brian is a wounded warrior determined to help the children of military parents handle the educational challenges that come with military life. Read more about Brian here.




Our Mission

Providing children of active duty military and wounded warriors the opportunity to receive K-12 education from a Christian perspective.

The Need

The children of active duty military personnel often move many times during their K-12 school years. Educational excellence and cost vary greatly from place to place. Our program provides funding so that these children can receive high-quality Christian education wherever they go.

Often the children of wounded warriors are suddenly uprooted in order to be close to their parent who is living in a military hospital. The burden of schooling in a strange city or trying to homeschool while taking care of a wounded spouse becomes overwhelming for the well parent.

The Solution

We provide funding for fully accredited Christian education. This education may be provided in a Christian school classroom or in the home through online or traditional curriculum.

Join with us in helping children of military parents by giving your best gift today.